Learning English has become a critical issue for non-native speakers of the language, moreover if that language is the language of the globalized world we have nowadays. In the Educative Institution CASD, we decided to give this learning process the importance it deserves by implementing it in our young and adults program beginning this year.
It is, without any doubt, the most challenging task we have faced due to many factors such as the age of our students and the time constraints we have. However, we are ready to successfully accomplish our objectives because we have the human talent available in our teachers’ staff, the appropriate policies in our school as well as the continuous principal’s support and the willing to learn in our students.
Our English program is focused in developing the communicative competence in our students as well as preparing them, in the best way possible, to the state tests (ICFES - SABER), in a way to encourage them to continue their professional studies in a university or any other superior education institution.
We are pleased of having our students back this year with this wonderful news, we would like to give you a warm welcome and invite all those who are still thinking either continuing their studies or finishing them. We are waiting for you.